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The Continence Resource Centre

The Continence Resource Centre (CRC) is a statewide continence information and advisory service located at the Independent Living Centre (ILC).

The Continence Resource Centre is affiliated with the Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) and funded by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

The Continence Resource Centre provides:


The CRC is staffed by a Registered Nurse/ Continence Nurse Advisor, and provides information and advice on bladder and bowel problems.

Information is available to all community members including clients, carers, their families and health professionals.

The services provided include:

  • information and advice on continence management
  • continence services information
  • continence funding schemes information
  • continence product information (including an extensive product display)
  • health promotion activities at the centre, and in metropolitan and rural areas of South Australia
  • education sessions and seminars at the centre, and in metropolitan and rural areas of South Australia
  • continence information articles


The continence information display includes:

  • fact sheets, booklets and brochures
  • books
  • DVD's and CD's

The continence product display includes:

  • disposable pads and pants
  • reusable pads and pants
  • disposable absorbent sheets and chair pads
  • uridomes (sheaths)
  • urinary drainage bags (leg bags and overnight bags)
  • waterproof mattress protection
  • toileting equipment (male and female urinals, bed pans, commodes, toilet seat raisers)
  • adapted clothing (for easier dressing)
  • odour control products


For further information, please visit:

The SA Continence Resource Centre